Brand Experiences

Experiential Marketing


Evolve your brand by engaging directly with the public. Developing a closer bond with your customers retains loyalty and increases exposure just when you need it most.


At Curious Jam we understand the process of developing a cohesive marketing strategy, creating brand experiences that provide a multitude of touch points to engage participants with your brand in a creative environment.


We choreograph these moments in detail to reinforce your message. Critically, participants will leave with those experiences at the forefront of their mind, spreading the word and building a network of interest, propelling the image of the brand well beyond the experience itself.  

Brand Experiences

At Curious Jam we will provide you with through and through curation, development and delivery of your brand experience. Your brand experience can take any form that you wish – we’ll develop your initial notions and find the optimum methods to communicate your brand story, creating a bespoke experience that enthuses participants, imparting memorable moments that promote your brand in the very best light.



Be part of a revolution and reinvigorate vacant space. 


#ProjectRevive is our campaign to bring empty retail space back into use and working with communities and consumers. We have a host of landlords who are looking to fill their inventory and they have become more and more open to the idea of allowing temporary pop up shops and experiences being installed for short to medium term durations on their premises. 


From charities to outreach organisations and beyond, we’re at the forefront of developing opportunities to connect client’s with landlords and create meaningful experiences to boost the reach of your service, brand or cause. Contact Curious Jam’s team here to discuss how we can bring you into the fold.