Festival Production

Street Eat n Beats


Curious Jam’s flagship food and music festival Street Eats N Beats has made massive strides year on year and is now a highlight on the summer festival calendar in Essex.


We’ve had numbers of people from Chelmsford and beyond attending this celebration of all things street. They’ve found an eclectic range of food from the four corners of the globe and a diverse roster of entertainment that will suit the whole family.


At Curious Jam we never rest on our laurels, and our efforts have been repaid with hundreds of people enjoying the music and soaking up the tail end of summer.


It goes without saying that Street Eats n Beats is back this summer, ready to welcome the throngs of festival folk who are looking for the perfect place to eat, drink and dance. From boutique cocktails, beers and coffee to food to suit any palette we’re looking forward to striking out and delivering the very best experience for the paying public.


This year’s festival is gearing up to build on our success and outstanding reputation that our festivalgoers have bestowed upon us, so don’t miss the boat and get your tickets!


Corporate Festivals


Developing a format for a corporate festival with Curious Jam will reinvigorate your businesses approach to employee engagement and client relationship building. You’ll have a carefully crafted, managed atmosphere which retains a sense of expectation, excitement and fun.


Creating a bespoke festival experience delivers a statement of intent – essentially, that you reward employees with an exclusive experience that brings them even further into the fabric of your business.


In a client-facing format, the festival experience can be tailored to any number of approaches that echo both the values and integrity of your business. Giving your clients a carefully choreographed, leading edge festival experience gives everyone the opportunity to interact in a relaxed atmosphere, that will only lead to bolstering relationships further.


Curious Jam specialise in realising corporate festivals that resonate consistently with forward facing objectives. We’ll take care of the planning, design and execution of the festival, leaving you and your guests to enjoy the results.

VIP Areas


Whether you’re holding a conference and you need an exclusive breakout area or you’re looking to entertain and indulge your A-list guests, Curious Jam has a VIP solution to guarantee that the VIP billing passes the exact criteria that you and your guests expect.


Having received your brief, we’ll set to work making sure that from the dining, entertainment and complimentary services run like clockwork. Every facet of your VIP area will be attuned to your clientele, making certain that they will leave feeling that assured that the experience has met their very high expectations.

Garden Festivals


Transform a horticultural backdrop into a festival of colour and excitement. Garden festivals offer a unique opportunity to embrace the outdoors, utilising the facets of flora to create an unforgettable experience. This will be realised with a bespoke approach to outdoor dining and entertainment that meets the brief and delivers a sense of spectacle.