Pop Up Installation

Seasonal Pop Up’s


Tap into to the seasonal spirit and create something truly unique for the public. From pop up Christmas grottos such as our very own Frost, to Easter installations and culturally targeted installations, the pop-up installation has fast become one of the most direct and effective methods to communicate the sentiments of your brand.


Creating your pop up from scratch and constantly looking for opportunities to deliver a memorable experience for your audience, Curious Jam has countless contacts to approach for specific venues and ample amounts of creativity to make your pop up a destination attraction in its own right.  


Our pop-ups are designed to tap into the zeitgeist of the day, reflecting your brand in an on-trend, contemporary light.

Corporate Marketing


Presenting your business in the very best fashion is something that we implicitly understand at Curious Jam. Attracting new business through traditional marketing avenues often reaches a point of entropy – an all-encompassing pop-up strategy can pay huge dividends in terms of reaching new revenue streams, whilst consolidating existing custom.


At Curious Jam, when it comes to a corporate marketing event strategy, we’re up there with the best. Communicating your corporate identity through a pop-up strategy has the potential to reach far beyond the life of the pop-up. Our aim is to ensure that participants will leave with a consistent, clear and resounding impression of your business.

Shopping Centres


Optimising an approach to engaging with shopping centre customers has become a challenging environment. To develop the bond between the shopping centre and the customer there has to be an incentive to draw people in.


Generating increased and sustained footfall using a pop-up strategy keeps things fresh – shops come and go but a pop-up installation allows for a repositioning of space, giving the shopping public something different to encounter on as they move through your space.


If you have vacant units then it’s a great opportunity to redefine the space with a pop up event or campaign. Even without a given space, Curious Jam can explore possibilities for making use of existing thoroughfares and low footfall areas to revitalise the public’s shopping experience.


The possibilities abound – at Curious Jam we love to work with all manner of spaces, redressing and refining direct interaction with shoppers. Let us reinvigorate your engagement with shoppers and stand out from the crowd.



Be part of a revolution and reinvigorate vacant space. 


#ProjectRevive is our campaign to bring empty retail space back into use and working with communities and consumers. We have a host of landlords who are looking to fill their inventory and they have become more and more open to the idea of allowing temporary pop up shops and experiences being installed for short to medium term durations on their premises. 


From charities to outreach organisations and beyond, we’re at the forefront of developing opportunities to connect client’s with landlords and create meaningful experiences to boost the reach of your service, brand or cause. Contact Curious Jam’s team here to discuss how we can bring you into the fold.