Privacy Policy


Here at Curious Jam, we are Curious so although we take your privacy very seriously we naturally would like to know everything about you. 

To us, you are a VIP and therefore we want you to be the first to know about all our special events, discounts, tickets and insider tips on the best places to go and when, BUT your information will be stored by us and we will use your information in the following ways unless you explicitly ask us not to….

1. to understand the use of our Site and make improvements; 

2. to fulfil prizes and promotions 

3. to respond to specific requests from you if needed 

4. to protect the security or integrity of our Site when necessary 

5. to analyse our website analytics and ticket data 

6. to inform you every so often of our best deals and events 

We utilise Google Analytics so that we can better understand how our Site is being used, this means that we collect cookies (yum) when you visit.

We will never share your information nor sell it to 3rd parties. To be honest we haven’t got the time and you are much too important to share! 

Who wouldn’t want that? Stay with us on our journey, be Curious!