TV Production

Filming & Editing

Curious Jam have worked with some phenomenal cameramen, producers, directors and editors, all of whom are super talented in their industry. We also work closely with our friends over at Cherryduck Studios in London, who provide excellent edit suites and the hire of fabulous, modern studios including Green Screens, Camera and Photo Rooms, Recreation Rooms, Sound Studios, Make-up Rooms and Vocal Booths. Get in contact for further information and an introduction!

Production Admin

Administration is key within the Television and film industry. A recent example is ‘The Global Teacher Awards 2018’. The team at Curious Jam worked closely alongside FreshStart Media TV to ensure each of the nominated top ten teachers in the world had the best short films to showcase their entry. Crucial admin such as visas, flights, filming schedules, production call sheets, translators, booking of drones, working across international time zones and sourcing fixers were all essential to get these films made. We are experts in our field and can work remotely with you to get all the production admin you need done efficiently. 

Freelance Production staff/Management

Whether you are a successful production company or a small start-up producing their first pilot TV Series, we can help oversee the entire project for you. One of Curious Jam team is currently overseeing the production of a new broadcast which includes sourcing locations, directors and presenters, reviewing scripts, first edits and liaising with the Executive Producers to allow them to concentrate on other things. We are always happy to discuss, confidentially, any projects you may have whether in progress or in development. 

Budget Control


Budgets often get out of hand, it happens easily, quickly and unexpectedly.

Another hours edit, an additional operator, hiring emergency equipment or just those ongoing travel expenses! We understand the necessity of sticking to those figures but we also understand how, sometimes, things are urgent and no matter what the cost they need to be sourced, now! We at Curious Jam ensure that all needs are met at the best competitive price, wherever the location, whatever the time.